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The Waiting Experience Reducing the pain of the healthcare wait

As our health systems are increasingly overstretched, waiting for health services is inevitable. Waiting is a consistent pain point across many areas of service. Efforts are being made by healthcare providers to reduce waiting time, however the quality of the wait itself is not necessarily considered. fuelfor propose a set of waiting room solutions that make the waiting experience more comfortable and positive for people, and more effective for service providers.



Discomfort during waiting has been shown to significantly affect people’s overall satisfaction with a health service. How can we improve the quality of a waiting experience in healthcare?



7 key insights that describe the main pains of waiting in healthcare were uncovered through a series of visits to GP clinics and a group discussion bringing together patient views from 6 different health systems around the world.



A systemic redesign of the waiting experience – furniture, room layout, services and signage – improves the perception and effectiveness of health care service delivery. This design vision has since influenced NHS guidelines in the UK and sparked interest within the global healthcare, design and innovation communities.

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