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A collaborative platform to transform care.

Over the years working as designers in healthcare for a variety of organisations, on a range of topics and in diverse contexts around the world, we began to see patterns and white spaces where important human needs remain unmet, and standard approaches and solutions do not achieve the level of impact required to achieve real change.


We began to see Care as a transversal topic, not one that is sliced up into silos and sectors: healthcare, social care, education etc. Care that affects people, wherever they may be in their life and in their health. The most meaningful opportunities for change exist on the fringes of institutions and organisations, between where services are delivered and where real, lived experience happens. 


This is where we need to act.


We also learnt the importance of acting in partnership, rather than as external consultants; the most successful, impactful and meaningful work happened when our clients acted as partners, when we were aligned in our human values and motivated by a common mission and vision. 


This is how we need to act.


The Care Lab is our response to these insights and experiences; it is a collaborative platform that uses human-centred design practices to rethink and redesign care models and solutions for our societies and care systems. Our vision of care is as an equitable, pro-active and compassionate experience that is widely accessible and that forms an integral part of everyday life, from birth to death.

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Glocal research

Partnering for local insights.

In 2008 fuelfor was a founding partner in the global design research network called REACH. Now we operate in this network of 10 partners, located around the globe, together able to deliver compelling design research insights and strategy, at scale and in a cost-effective manner.


We are all agile, highly-skilled agencies that share a consistent design research methodology and a common work ethic and values; to gather qualitative insights into people lives´ and deliver these learnings to drive design, strategy and innovation. fuelfor is the only agency in the network that is specialised in health care, however our partners have experience working across a broad range of industry sectors and organisations.


The beauty of this networked, collective approach is that you can uncover global design research insights using experienced local teams - a REACH project can therefore provide you with rich, localised insights from various countries, along with a global synthesis to extract key findings across locations. The combination has proved valuable and powerful for several of our REACH clients.


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