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Lumbia Wearable Posture Coaching System

The incidence of low back pain (LBP) is reported to be only second to that of the common cold. It is estimated that around 80% of back pain is due to poor posture. It is the most common reason for visits to neuro, orthopedic and occupational health specialists. Lumbia is a wearable posture coaching system designed to be used by rehabilitation professionals in support of more cost-effective, comfortable patient assessment and physiotherapy.


Client: Tecnalia & BTS Bioengineering, 2012



The challenges of wearables in positoning, accuracy, comfort and reliability posed the key interaction and integration design challenges for the team of designers, research scientists, marketers and engineers. This new typology of clinical tool would need to be credible and attractive to the rehab clinical community.



Mapping out the rehabilitation experience journey for patients with back pain and requiring physical therapy, as well as the team of clinical specialists involved in their treatment and recovery, revealed specific needs and opportunities that Lumbia could be designed to address.



A pre-industrial prototype that behaves and interacts just like the final product, was showcased at Medica 2012 - a key medical equipment fair in Germany - to gather market and industry feedback, before final specifications would be defined, and production would begin.

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