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Personal Dialysis Space I Dialysis seating system design

fuelfor was hired to understand the current dialysis experience from both the patients and care giver perspectives. With the insights working closely with the client team fuelfor developed a patient centric dialysis seating system that offers a personal space for dialysis patients in which they can decide how best to spend their treatment.


The dialyses experience is highly clinical and requires patients to dedicate a large portion of their life to attend treatment typically 3 times a week for a duration of about 4 hours. Dialisys often becomes a lifestyle disease while the treatment is a clinical experience.


Based on primary insights fuelfor developed scenarios offering ways for care teams and dialysis patients to constructively and positively spend their treatment time in a personalised setting.



A new family of dialysis seating that offers personal comfort, and reduces the medical quality of the experience with its set of accessories.

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