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Bite Size Future I End-of-life conversation kit for elderly homes

As a continuation of our Hospitable Hospice project, we worked with the team of St Josep's Home to develop an end-of-life conversation kit that rewrites the tone of voice of such conversations. We developed Bite Size Future,

-a kit that is used after a new resident enters the home- for new residents and their family to have an opportunity to talk about the future in a safe environment facilitated by one of the Home's social carer.

Client was the Lien Foundation

Project partner is the St Josep's Home, Singapore


Having a conversation about end-of-life choices is daunting for most families, and many unspoken worries and expectations  can arise when moving a loved one into a nursing home. Lack of communication can make harder for nursing home staff to offer personalized and timely care, not knowing the family or residents end-of-life preferences or specific needs in advance.



Prototype toolkits were developed through

co-design activities with the multidisciplinary care team to define the content, format and choreography of the conversation toolkit. This ensured that the tool could integrate well into the services of the home. Supporting training materials - video and facilitator guidelines - were provided so that staff could develop both the mindset and skills necessary to facilitate these end-of-life conversations sensitively and effectively.



Bite Size Future is a kit that is first used with families when a new resident enters the nursing home. It creates an opportunity to talk about future expectations in a safe environment and facilitated by a specially trained social worker or nurse. Designed around an afternoon tea experience, it creates a natural moment for families to gather and talk. The family decides where to start and how to progress, selecting cookies and cards containing specific trigger questions. The kit also creates a new opportunity to introduce legal tools such as the Living Will and Lasting Power of Attorney that are currently under-used.

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