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Personal Wellbeing in Indonesia New ways to relax, rejuvenate and seek relief

fuelfor conducted in-depth, video-ethnographic research with 24 people from 3 key cities in Indonesia to understand people´s personal motivations and strategies around health and wellbeing. Insights were translated to create 24 short documentary films and a design handbook called ´Beyond Jamu´that presents 8 new product-service concepts to inspire new business strategies for companies in the health and wellness setor. The project was commissioned by the Singapore Design Council within its Asian Insights and Design Innovation (AIDI) program, and conducted in collaboration with IE Singapore.


Client: Design Council, Singapore 2014



Indonesia’s consumer class looks set to triple by 2030. How can we help enterprises gain an advantage in this booming market? How might design ethnography help understand the needs of Indonesia’s rising affluents and what personal wellbeing means to them?




Indonesians have their own model of health and wellness; one that emphasises social and mental health over physical fitness and healthy eating. These aspects can be used as drivers behind products and services that help to promote healthy behaviour change.



12 Personas define typologies of Indonesians and their wellness attitudes and behaviours. 24 short films highlight key participant insights. 8 design concepts were developed in a co-design workshop with by companies from the health, food and beauty sectors. A design hand book demonstrates how design ethnography can help businesses deliver meaningful solutions for this rapidly changing society.

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