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Cancer Hospital Living Lab I Cancer Care services co-designed

by Patients & Professionals

Mondragón Health works to activate a network of stakeholders and organisations in the Basque regional health sector in Spain, with the goal of fostering collaboration to develop value-added products, services and experiences for citizens, patients and professionals. The project brought together a unique set of partners: a leading cancer hospital, a world-class culinary institute and a strategic design team from fuelfor.
The project focus was to design and develop the concept of a Living Lab for the cancer hospital Onkologikoa - a platform to bring patients, care professionals and local businesses and organisations together to co-create new healthcare services that could improve the Cancer Patient Experience.
The project approach involved translating cancer patient experience insights into new service concepts, and facilitating a new type of conversation and interaction between patients, healthcare professionals and culinary professionals. The result was a set of co-created concepts and a blueprint for the Living Lab identity, space and programming.


Client: Mondrágon Healthcare
Partners: Onkologikoa & Basque Culinary Centre
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