Light Touch Matters Design-driven smart materials development for care & well-being

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This project is about design-driven development of touch-sensitive, luminous and flexible plastics for applications in care & well-being. In Light.Touch.Matters, product designers and materials researchers from 17 partners representing 9 EU countries are collaborating to jointly develop a new generation of smart materials that combine touch sensitivity with luminosity. fuelfor are exploring the application space related to children, play and wellbeing based on latest developments in these polymeric piezo materials and flexible OLEDs.


Client: European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, 2013-2016



Fundamental materials research is traditionally technology and science-driven. The EU recognises the value that design practice can bring to introduce market user needs earlier into the innovation process. This project is an expreiment in method and outcome to understand: how can materials scientists and designers collaborate to create more meaningful solutions?



Materials scientists and designers speak different languages. Within the context of EU health care challenges, these two disciplines are working together to cross-fertilise thinking and methods to improve the impact the LTM materials innovation can have for new health and care solutions. 



Over a 3-year period fuelfor will go through 3 design iterations to identify user insights, scope opportunities and prototype concepts for applying the LTM material to best serve people´s health and care needs.