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GloBuddys Patient experience tool for kids 

GloBuddys is a patient experience tool for kids between the ages of 4-8, to positively distract and manage stress throughout  different stages of a healthcare visits. It uses story telling as a fundamental principle to engage kids throughout the visit and enable them to comply with the healthcare process. It offers a unique communication platform between kids, their parents and the healthcare providers to better understand and support children to cope with discomfort and anxiety



Children between the ages of 4-8 often find regular visit to the doctors office stressfull. Their fear and stress will affect their parents too, resulting an overall difficult consultation. Doctors and nurses have ad/hoc ways to distract children from their fears and stress.



Children can be distracted from a potentially stressfull situation -such as a regular jab- through introducing a story line, in which children can be engaged actively. 



GloBuddys prompt children to naturally and intuitively care for the little creatures by direct tactile interactions that trigger both visual and tactile feedback to create a simple dialogue. 

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