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Dementia Care Strategic Planning Toolkit

The leadership team of the Apex Harmony Lodge Dementia Home in Singapore asked fuelfor to support them in designing and implementing a people-centric strategy planning process and toolkit to map out their activities and plans for 2018.
The designed process and tools have enabled them to empower their management and staff to take a collaborative, proactive and innovative approach to align their vision and actions to achieve their goal of holistic dementia care.



The managment team of AHL is introducing an innovation process in which they rethink how the Lodge is run, how every level of the care team should work towards a shared vision that will allow them to provide the best dementia care within the industry.



fuelfor facilitated a process in which the whole organisation, from management team to first line care givers been involved, to together define a new framwork that is easy to understand, apply and action across the organisation. Several rounds of workshops allowed everyone’s voice to be heard and co-create the new Strategic Planning Process



A toolkit that allows teams to plan their current and future innitiatives in an easy to use format, as well as tools for first line care teams to easily share their ideas, suggestions, best practices.

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