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Considering Elderly A design research exploration into the experience

of aging

Demographic, economic, technological and socio-cultural forces are reshaping the elderly care landscape, shifting our perceptions and expectations around ageing. This phenomenon is true across many developed nations, triggering debate and a search for new innovation strategies. fuelfor are rethinking the experience of ageing with an ongoing design exploration that is uncovering insights and proposing provocative future concepts for societies to age well.



How do the statistics of ageing relate to people´s actual experience of ageing, and what can we do to make ageing something to be celebrated, rather than to be feared?



Considering the elder, their loved ones and professional care givers within one holistic circle-of-care reflects the interdependency that naturally exists, but that is rarely supported in societies. Therein lie opportunities to define richer, more credible and sustainable models of care delivery.



A series of insight films to inspire new strategies and opportunities for elderly solutions. A spectrum of over 70 experience design ideas ranging from clothing to new community services and government policy changes. 5 visual prototypes that continue to provoke interest and trigger debate on the new design possibilities for our aging society.

Stories of Aging Singapore 2012


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