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Education Toys Interactive solutions to improve the CT scan

procedure for kids

Sedating children to comply with imaging exams is a risky and time-consuming process. Nervous parents can add to a child´s anxiety and require extra attention from staff, taking time away from the procedure itself. We have designed interactive toys that succeed in engaging children and their parents with this clinical procedure, measurably improving compliance, patient safety and operational efficiency.


Client: Philips Healthcare, 2005



It can be difficult to help children comprehend and comply with a medical procedure, especially when the parents are also nervous and uncertain. Sedation is risky and time-consuming, but is often the only way to ensure a successful pediatric imaging exam. How can we improve the procedure experience for everyone?



Working in close cooperation with pediatric clinical psychologists and Child Life experts, storytelling was understood as a key driver for transforming the imaging experience for children, their parents and imaging technicians.



An interactive product-system solution that children can play with; selecting toys and scanning them in a mini CT scanner to initiate an animated narrative to guide them through each step of the CT scan experience, from waiting room to exam room.

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