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Celebrating Pregnancy Bringing joy to the experience of

becoming a parent 

The joy of having a baby is usually overshadowed by a highly technological and impersonal healthcare experience that usually takes place in a hospital setting. fuelfor have designed a birthing clinic that offers a caring environment and supportive services to welcome new parents.
Client: Philips Healthcare, 2007



Pregnancy should be a joyful health experience, but is often de-humanized by technology in care settings that trigger people’s anxieties. How can the experience be humanised whilst maintaining the safety and reassurance also required from the service?



Identifying where family lifestyle and clinical processes create tensions throughout the pregnancy experience, from preparation to each trimester and post-delivery, reveals opportunities to design a more comfortable and effective pregnancy care journey for the family-to-be.



An experience prototype ultrasound screening suite and service for the family to celebrate the pregnancy experience in a safe, memorable and comfortable way; a provocative vision expressed through design that enabled the healthcare industry to reflect, debate and choose for their preferred future.

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