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Better Together Delivering a Patient Experience masterclass for NHS Scotland

Both qualitative and quantitative insights are needed for effective health service innovation. fuelfor designed and delivered a 1 day Patient Experience Masterclass for NHS Scotland to introduce their leadership teams to experience design methods that can enhance their LEAN processes. Using the team´s existing work on reducing referral time for rheumatoid arthritis patients, fuelfor helped teams translate their insights into new opportunities for improvement.
Client: NHS Scotland, 2009



NHS Scotland wanted to put their Patient Experience initiative to even greater use - they were collecting feedback from patients but struggling to leverage the insights. How can patient experience insights be more effectively translated towards service innovation using experience design methods?



LEAN improvement methods help map the quantitative performance of care delivery and identify critical bottlenecks. Qualitative interviews help reveal people´s needs and experiences of care. Experience design can help teams synthesise, enrich and analyse both types of information to make it actionable through new service concepts.



Teams created an experience journey poster capturing key stakeholder needs allowing them to ‘step into the shoes’ of patients, family and staff. They could not help but realise what it feels like to encounter specific service bottlenecks along the care process and were inspired to find new opportunities for innovation.

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